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Our Knowledge

On land, at sea, Pacific Tuna eve foremost to the quality and freshness of its products.

At Sea: a skilled workforce and control of the resource

Our supplier has a fleet of 8 longline vessels equipped for fresh fish.
Crews are trained for over 15 years longline. It is an angling technique that allows renewal of the species with low yields and a targeting species and size.
On board is the quality that is sought. The treatment is to bleed and gut the fish before storing in ice chilled calle (0-2 ° C).
The duration of a campaign rarely exceed 12 days (approximately 9 peaches) which ensures freshness and quality of our product.

Ashore: Treatment and optimal control of hazards

With an area of ​​200m2 temperature production directed (between 5 and 10 ° C) and as desk and dry storage, our workshop has a processing capacity of about 1,000 tons per year. To this must be added about 500 tons of fish exported.

The human holds a very important place responsible for each service (Production, Health and safety, Commercial), assistants and employees trained in-house processing of fish and good hygiene and safety practices. This allows an internal evolution of skills and jobs.
The machines are actually very present. We have a vacuum machine, a freezing cell with a capacity of about 500 kg of electric saws to cut frozen fish, a cube maker and 3 refrigerated delivery vehicles.
The positive cold storage is more important with 4 cold rooms for about 250 m3 and negative cold storage for about 60 m3.
We are constantly looking to improve our production looking for new cutting materials, packaging, protection, handling and lifting.
We are seeking new export markets: we are currently ongoing demand for European approval and seeking new customers in the Pacific region.
To meet the needs of our customers, we seek to diversify our production to new products, new packaging.



In 2009, the company has been refurbished with a 200m2 workshop and 200m2 of office and storage areas..

1 200t

Fish processed annually

Three unloadings of fresh fishes, caught by Navimon are treated every week..


Are exported per year

Japan remains the country's main export (fresh whole tuna), followed by Pago Pago (whole frozen tuna).



Pacific Tuna is organized by department (production, sales and quality), with a manager for each one.

Our products

All our products are from the Caledonian responsible fishing. We offer all our fresh or frozen fish, whole, filleted and sliced. And not to overload a local market in delicate balance, Pacific Tuna has since beginning focused on export. The export of fish can regulate the quantity of fish sold locally. Our biggest market is Japan, with whom we have developed a relationship of trust, through regular shipments and stable quality.