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Local market

To best meet your needs, our products are sold in different packaging.

The sale of our products is carried out according to the arrivals and availability.

  Fresh Frozen
Albacore tuna Whole, Fillet, Cube * Whole, Fillet, Slice *, Steak *
Yellow tuna Whole, Fillet, Fillet 2nd choice Fillet, Slice *
Bachi tuna Whole, Fillet  
Swordfish Block, Fillet Fillet, Slice *
Marlin Block, Fillet, Cube * Fillet, Slice *
Mahi-mahi Whole, Fillet Fillet, Slice *
Wahoo Whole, Fillet Fillet, Slice *
Opah Fillet, cheeks* Fillet, Slice *
Marlineau/Sailing ship Fillet Fillet

Control of 2 kg minimum by variety of fish and by client.

Pre-order : 24 for fresh, frozen for 48 hours.